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A Great Day to Wear Black

Обновлено: 11 июн. 2018 г.

A fun food tasting a chilled out and classy roof top bar at the Dutch Hospital called Botanik. Get the perfect look to hide that stomach after eating a ton.

Had a fun lunch with Botanik with my partner in crime Nicky. I chose a simple and comfy walking shoe with a floral flared skirt and black pinstripe crop top. I chose to wear a lacy cardigan from Victorias Secret to cover up when walking around Dutch Hospital before and after. Even though this picture was taken prior to filling our stomachs with a delicious three course meal and desert, my stomach is invisible thanks to the flared skirt and spanks I was wearing under. This skirt is unfortunately and fortunately very transparent so you need to wear spanks, biker tights, or high waisted slimming shorts under. I usually wear biker tights under most of my outfits because it gives a slimming effect to any figure lacking some curve and it smoothes out the belly/ love handles. I will be recommending my favorite brand of biker tights in the next couple of weeks since I'm waiting on a few new brands for comparison to see which is the best in hiding unwanted bulges.

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