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Always Extra in Burnt Orange

Yet another launch but this time a new innovation of Samsung! Learn more about this exciting event with fabulous food and my extra dressy look.

Had a great time at Samsung Sri Lanka's launch of the J series of phones. I personally am an apple fan but my husband has been religiously uses Samsung products. The event was entirely blue, with a live band, and an awesome presentation. Another reminder that all the blue hyperlinks will take you to the pages with even more detail. The event was held at the Embazzy restaurant in Colombo with an excellent selection of food that was finger licking good. I could barely fit into my body con dress following the event.

Todays theme for me was burnt orange from head to toe which worked out perfectly since I contrasted with the truly blue event. I went with a burnt orange body con dress and my go-to, basic, 3'' nude Thalia Sodi heel. I know it is time for some new shoes in my blogs but I use and reuse the basics and save the fancy pieces for the larger scale events so stay posted. I further accessorized with an elegant thin gold necklace with a diamond pendant from Nithya Kalyani and my white and yellow gold Anne Klein watch from Macy's.

Winged it and did up my face with a more bronzed look and a burnt orange matte lipstick from Sunna Caore cosmetics. I use my Morphe F45 pallet for my slightly glittery rose gold and burnt orange shadow. This pallet is a tan girls dream and I highly recommend it because it is affordable compared many other quality palettes. Hope this night look inspires some more burnt orange love amongst my fellow fashionista's.

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