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Casual Lunch Date

Обновлено: 6 апр. 2018 г.

Chose a super comfy, simple, and trendy look for a lunch out plus some weekly errands with my partner in crime. Read more for some details on this look and where to find these snazzy items.

Decided to pair a simple and yet edgy pair of skin tight white high waisted pants from Fashion Nova with a basic cotton olive scoop neck green shirt. A mustard yellow statement heel with gold bullet covered straps from Rialto Shoes completed the look. This time I used a funky gold wrap around the finger ring from Forever 21 and a stunning gold Anne Kleine watch with braided metal straps. Finished accessorizing with a pair of fun floral hoop earrings from J. Crew.

For the make up look, I again stick to a very matte skin toned eye shadow from the Tarte contour pallet. I winged the eye as usual using the Urban Decay Razor Sharp Long wear liquid eyeliner. I will be putting a video soon on how exactly I choose to draw my liner for the ladies who want to do the wing but aren't too sure. I also used a sample size Smashbox Full Exposure mascara which is just perfect to perk up those natural lashes without too much drama. Finished the makeup look with Sunna Claore Cosmetic's Kiss proof liquid matt lipstick in Vintage Mauve.

One of the best stores that target the curvy women would be Fashion Nova. I have been wearing their clothes for five years now and not only do they accentuate my nature curves but the clothes themselves last for a very long time (you have to take care of them of course). Majority of the brand name items I have can also be bought were on sale at department stores, specifically Macy's! Apart from the brands that are a bit too far or just complicated to purchase from Sri Lanka, keep your eyes peeled for equally fabulous local stores and brands with combinations to slay.

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