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Goodbye Vietnam, Hello Cambodia

Обновлено: 28 апр. 2018 г.

A completely different country rich in history with lovely people and a very simple fashion sense. I decided to try spicing it up with some fun looks for the last week of vacation.

Travel to Angkor Thom Temples

I paired a long dress with a polkadot backpack to the travels among the ancient city of Angkor Thom. I wore a boho, patterned, v-neck dress with a high slit. I also brought a light maroon cardigan (H&M) for once we entered the temples since they do not allow the use of a scarf. This Macy's dress was from a brand called Emerald Sundae and the backpack was from Anello. I worked with a simple, easy, and cotton outfit to be comfortable while walking around. Although I chose flip flops, it is best to wear sneakers with the uneven and dusty ground (I tripped a lot).

Apart from the outfits, Cambodia was extremely hot around this time of year. The temps reached a high of 39 C and the sun was also stronger then ever. Which means a major tan for most people. Its important to bring sun screen, hats, and light cardigans for some extra protection from the heat. The Cambodian people, just like the Vietnamese, were friendly and westernized in their beliefs. This country is also 95% buddhist so dress accordingly when going to any of the sacred temples. I wore this trendy outfit to the ancient city of Angkor Thom which is absolutely mind blowing and unforgettable. The many large stone structures and temples were build over 700 years ago. This site along with Angkor Wat are a must see and perfect for a photo op! More Cambo outfits and locations to come.

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