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Hair Maddness

Wanted a new look with just the right amount of drama. I actually wanted a more violet color but ended up with a reddish tint on the lower half of my dark brown locks. If you loved the look read more details below!

In August I had dyed my hair a darker shade of red and it had completely faded into a dry brownish color (as seen in the first picture below). So this time I decided to go for brighter reddish violet color for a change. My hair unfortunately gets damaged at a very high speed so I decided to stick with avoiding dying anywhere near my scalp. The stylist I had gone with had been working with my in laws luscious locks for years and he will come to your place. His name is Jayalath and he privately practices hair cuts, color, and styling for men and women. If you would like his contact please shoot me an email and I will provide the information.

The best part about this color is during the day its vibrant and bright while at night it appears to be more of a hair tint. Now the color appears more brightly on my hair because I had previously dyed it with a developer in August of the previous year and the areas were still lighter. I have attached images of the KUENE brand hair dye I used and the specific color. Although it appears bright, if your hair is relatively dark it shouldn't be too bright. Now if you would like a more extreme look you will have to bleach your hair which I don't recommend. Hope this helped everyone who had questions about my new hair look. It looks different in every picture I take based on the lighting. If their are any questions regarding this look please comment below or shoot me an email.

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