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Halong Bay Cruise

Drove out to Halong Bay for a two day cruise with warm sun, freshwater breeze, and most importantly beach wear.

Not only was the view incredible but the weather was perfect. A cool breeze paired with the gentle warmth of the sun and a full day of adventure ahead made me decide to go with a flexible and fun outfit. Apart from the weather, the activities for the day included hiking to a cave, kayaking, and a bay swim. I wore my bikini under a beige with maroon flowered lace top and a classic pair of four pocketed jean shorts.

The top was extremely affordable and from a brand called Xhileration. Xhileration is a brand sold in department stores throughout the U.S. such as Macy's or Target. Any pair of shorts would do but I didn't want to wear white because they would get dirty or end up transparent if I decided to wear them into the water. My shades are from Aldo Sri Lanka in the same style as that attached to the link but with a deep forest green color. Actually decided to go with no makeup on this endeavor due to the long day of strenuous activity I had ahead of me.

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