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Happy 4th

This fourth of July was well spent with a family BBQ, comfy casual wear, and of course tons of Red, White, and Blue with a Sri Lankan twist.

Happy 4th to my fellow americans and another holiday on holiday well spent. It has been an entire year since I have been back in Los Angeles, California and visited my family and friends. It really felt like I hadn't left at all and the is the greatest part about having so many great people in life. Chose to spent our fourth with drinks, swims, BBQ and of course fireworks!

For todays look I paired a sporty red Fashion Nova body suit with a pair of white Charlotte Russe shorts. I went with an extra makeup look with red, white, and blue but the red ended up looking more pink for some reason. For my swimwear choice I decided to finally break in my fabulous Nickizzle wear swim suit. Check out some more details pics of the outfits and food of course.

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