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My Elegant Affair

Обновлено: 2 мая 2018 г.

It is finally out! Wrote a previous post about the magazine shoot experience and now here are the details and a link to the magazine itself. If you want more details about the outfits read on.

ELEGANT Magazine - April/May - 2018 Model: Natalie Shenelle Rambukwella Photography By: Arantha Sirimanne MUA: Moin Khan at Moin’s Style Studio Post Production By: Dilsh ( Location: Arantha Photography Studio

Elegant magazine is a fashion and beauty magazine in which started up in 2012 and is a local Sri Lankan magazine that has reached an international level. I was approached a few months ago regarding a cover shoot for the magazine to get more information on my mixed background and future plans on the island. To check out the magazine and interview yourself: Click me.

My hair and makeup was done by the celebrity stylist Moin Khan who had created many flawless looks in no time at all. I highly recommend him for any outing, event, or even a new hair look.

Arantha Photography had captured my best angles with plenty of patience and direction. Shooting at his studio had a fun and trendy vibe with great music and lovely backdrops to use. He was also very flexible when it came to time frames and changes in lighting and ect.

Dilsh had done some excellent behind the scenes and on set magic. Although he is mainly a popular fashion and beauty photography retoucher he had also assisted me a great deal in posing and angles during the actual shoot itself. His retouching had put the cherry on top of the already stunning photos.

All of the outfits chosen for the shoot were items in my very own closet. As noticed throughout my blog majority of the outfits are from retailers in the U.S. such as Macy's, Forever 21, and H&M. One of the pieces I had worn was a stunning, short, white, and velvet dress I snagged from MIMOSA. If you want to get yourself a magazine to see what other interesting topics are found inside it can be purchased in most Keells grocery stores throughout Colombo, Sri Lanka. If you get the opportunity to do a shoot with Elegant Magazine I highly recommend you take part in the fabulous experience and if its not for you then check out their magazines in the past and future for fashion tips, advice, and places to try out.

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