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Once a Hipster...

Always a hipster! Brought out my inner hippy for a desperately needed girl date. Get the look and some more details on my mini gossip session.

Met up with one of my favorite zumba chicka at Sugar Bistro for a lunch full of gossip, fashion, and most importantly: Delicious food. The Sugar Bistro we chose was conveniently located at Crescat which was close to the Foot Rub for a mini spa session. The food at Sugar Bistro's many locations throughout Colombo has never failed my pallet! I highly recommend the chili garlic shrimp I paired a tye-dye Cotton Collection crop with my favorite high waisted Fashion Nova jeans. I also broke in my six inch Steve Madden black pumps that I purchased at the Dubai mall when I was there for a month. Now height isn't everything and being 5'4 has not been a major issue for me but my husband is 6'4 and I need to maximize on my height to look normal next to him. I topped it off with a very old piece of jewelry my grandmother had given me. Keep up to date for more looks and subscribe!

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