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Strutting Florals Uptown

Обновлено: 1 мая 2018 г.

Yet another business opening here in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I chose to play it up with a colorful floral off the shoulder dress from Uptown Kandy. The best part about this dress is its affordable and from a local store here in Colombo Sri Lanka.

Yet another of many openings this month! Since this time the opening is for Kinnari's Montessori and Day Care I decided to wear a fun and playful floral dress. I had purchased this pretty little thing from Uptown Kandy and I have absolutely no regrets (as I never do when I shop here). Finally pulling on some more outfits I bought locally and for a steal of a price. Accessorized with a simple bracelet and watch combo with no necklaces or earrings in case of any interactions with little ones.

The day care was lovely as expected from my close friend from my home town, Los Angeles, California. She had started up a booming day care there and has decided to expand here where she is currently living. The area is completely child proofed, spotless, and a perfect environment for fostering growth in our new generations to come! If you don't believe me please go check out the face book page or you can even drive out and take a look for yourself! If you need any more details I'm an email away, also all the blue links lead straight to the individuals business websites.

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