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Summer Outings and Boho vibes

Finally back in Los Angeles, California with some new looks and spots you absolutely must visit. Check out the details below and make a visit to LA ASAP.

Chose a comfy cotton Rose and blue toned dress from NY & Co. and paired it with a pair of sandal wedges from Style & Co.. I accessorized with a pair of floral earrings gifted to me from a friend who had visited Hawaii. The brand of these gorgeous foam flowers is called Aloha if you'd like to snag yourself a pair.

Todays endeavors led us to Solvang, California and Santa Barbara, California. The drive to these cities is so relaxing and you can see the fruit orchards, vineyards, and the gorgeous blue sea. Solvang is a Dutch city containing Dutch architecture along with many small restaurants and caffe's with delicious dutch pastries. The people residing in this city live a simple and free lifestyle. Santa Barbara of course is a gorgeous city with gorgeous Spanish style mansions. Stay updated with more deats of the trip.

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