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Temples, Tunnels, and High Temps

Обновлено: 28 апр. 2018 г.

The adventures continue in yet another city: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Although the city itself was more westernized then Hanoi, there was a major crank up of the heat and humidity in this city. Dress accordingly!

H&M Romper, Sketchers flipflops, MARC by Marc Jacobs watch.

Although Halong Bay was ideal, the travel adventures took us to the warm and humid city of Ho Chi Minh. Luckily the atmosphere in this city was much more westernized then the city of Hanoi, Vietnam and this together with the weather made it the perfect day to wear a comfy and affordable cotton romper from H&M. I actually purchased this at the H&M in Ho Chi Minh city. I paired it with a bit of a pricey but very comfy sketchers flip flop I bought from a mini sketchers store in Abans, Sri Lanka. The best part about these flip flops are the one inch heel which allows a bit of height for the shorties or people with very tall significant others. I accessorized with my simple and classy MARC by Marc Jacobs watch with a navy blue leather strap. When it came to makeup I minimized due to the heat. I only wore my Benefit air brush Concealer as a foundation, Kat Von D Razor Sharp Liquid liner on the tops of my lids, Better then Sex Mascara, and my nude/pink MAC lipstick called Mehr.

Apart from the outfits, Ho Chi Minh city is a beautiful city with a great deal of history and even better spots to shop. Majority of name brand stores can be found in this city and the prices aren't too bad. Another amazing aspect apart from the gorgeous Vietnamese temples was the Chu Chi Tunnels. We got the opportunity to learn more about the history of the Vietnam war and the incredible tactics used in order to survive. Trust me you will be blown away(Literally and figuratively). Also there is a shoot range where you can practice your shooting skills on bottles and targets. Stay posted for more fashion and travel details about my trip to Vietnam!

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