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Travel Wear to Vietnam

A day of travel to most places is hectic so stick with a stylish and sporty outfit! New adventures have begun in the flight to Hanoi, Vietnam. More details on the look below!

Wore sporty black Nike Free Run shoes and black athletic leggings. I picked black in order to keep the look clean by preventing possible dirt that can get on you while sitting in various places, lugging luggage, and going on various food endeavors on the flight. Another important aspect of the outfit are my athletic socks in which I got from PUMA but really majority of athletic socks will do the job in minimizing the amount your feet sweat due to a more breathable material. I wore a soft cotton floral top so I can avoid getting all sweaty in the humid Sri Lankan heat and carried a thin pink Volcom hoodie for just the right amount of warmth for the cold plane ride and freezing airports. Finished up with some winged liner and tying my new ruby red locks in a messy bun and calling it a day (a very long day). Get the details of my recent hair adventures in my hair madness post.

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